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The Tree of Life

ShanaiTanwar (IX-A)
I glance through
the foliage of a most unlikely tree.
Hidden by other lives, I glance without a clue;
my thoughts smudged by nature’s decree.
I tremble with fear,
knowing that the clouds I


RameezaParveen, XI-commerce, The Central School, Dubai.
Planning today, presenting tomorrow.
Lazy today, losing tomorrow.
Aim today, arrow tomorrow.
No moon today, new moon tomorrow.
Young feel today, younger tomorrow.
One drop today, ocean tomorrow.

Straight Talk : 60+ Earth Hour

Proof that high achieving teenagers are always keen on getting their environmental influence across – messages of 6 UAE youngsters who are making a difference…
It is often felt that in order to be a high achieving student, one needs

Is it the question of necessity?

By Kavya Prasad
Congratulations to The Young Vision for opening a ‘Straight Talk’ on one of today’s most trending topics – Are examinations necessary?  I was just following the news of the recently held 10th board exams in India and the mass

The Poor Hungry Child

By Linda Ann Joseph, Grade 10 , The Indian High School, Dubai
A little esurient waif;
So young, still sucking her thumb,
Distraught in her gunny bag smock,
Living in the ordeal of hunger.
The cry

Why is the stuff we see so wrong? – All Lucas’ Fault?

By Radhika Marwaha, Grade 11, Delhi Private School, Dubai
The distant cosmos shares a clear resemblance with the unknown future! While almost anything is possible, we’re busy blowing each other up! Or atleast that’s what George Lucas’ Star Wars suggests.

Grow with plants – plant a birthday tree

By Arushi Madan, Grade 12, Delhi Private School, Sharjah
While we have many days to celebrate, such as Environment Day, Earth Day, Water Day, No Tobacco Day, Car-free Day, International Youth Day, etc., and we try to be a

From the Sweet bird’s mouth

By Kashish Kalra
I linger and loiter all around
And my happiness has no bound.
Free with open arms in the sky
While the sun and stars also look shy.
I savoured this freedom all day

A Poem Dedicated to the Thought of Early Cancer Detection

By Nikita Grade 10,The Indian High School,Dubai
When I laid there beside you,
Could you feel me there?
My arms were wrapped around you,
And I was stroking your hair.
I watched your every breath,


By Varshini Balaji, 12th Grade in Delhi Private School,Dubai
On 27 July 2015 the world bid adieu to a visionary, a miracle by human standards and potential. A man of ordinary background yet extraordinary ideas and intelligence. None other than


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